Speed20 min
Accuracy95 %
Weight2 55 kg

First mobile DNA laboratory in the world

Speed20 min
Accuracy95 %
Weight2 55 kg

We’ve developed the Maxygen MiniLab IS-10, the first mobile mini laboratory that fits your budget, so you can analyze DNA samples right from your own office.

The analysis process only takes 20 minutes, with the accuracy of a big level laboratory.

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Dozens of disease typesJust insert the proper cartridge to make an analysis


Efficient way to diagnosis the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus


Fast molecular diagnosis of Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in around 30 minutes


Diagnosis of 11 Sexually transmitted diseases such like chlamydia trachomatis and others


Unique test for simultanious detection of malaria, mycobacterium tuberculsis, HIV and HCV

Results in just 4 easy steps

Take a sample

Take the needle from the cartridge, after that take a sample of blood from the patitent

Insert the cartridge into the device

Insert the needle into the cartridge, after that insert cartridge into the device


Start analysis and wait around 30 minutes


Check out the result

Unbelievably Simple DNA DiagnosisJust take a sample and wait 20 minutes for the analysis

Simple sample taking
The needle used to take blood samples is provided with the cartridge. Simply take the blood sample and put the needle back in the device
User-friendly interface
We’ve analyzed hundreds of cases from working laboratories and developed a special Maxy-UI interface. Learning this interface takes less than 3 minutes
20 minute analysis
By using advanced technologies in genetics, and using different cartridges for each different set of diseases, we reduce the analysis time to 20 minutes
24-hour online support
We provide 24-hour email and phone support for all our users


Time for analysis — 20 minutes
Dimensions of the unit — 1960×1170×430 mm
Weight of the unit — 2,55 kg
Accuracy of analysis — 95%

Simple connection to PC USB-interface for data transfer
Simple Interface Only 3 steps before start
Durability The body is made of high quality materials
Сartridges Replacement cartridges for many diseases

What’s happening inside the test tube?How the Maxygen MiniLab IS-10 works

Cell lysis and DNA release. timing: <1 min
Target enrichment using
3-5 cycles of PCR with pathogen-specific primers.timing: 3 min
Amplification of enriched fragments using universal primers.timing: 6–10 min
Solid-phase real-time detection of amplification progress.timing: 6–10 min
Data analysis and reporting. timing: <1 min
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Maxygen MiniLab IS-10 White

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> Includes 3 cartridges